Thursday, April 12, 2012

Here is the slow feeding folks. I'm a little thin on time this week, wish I could post a more edited version of this stuff but alas! Hope you like Chris' work.  Oh yesterday we had a meeting with our blog designers and because they are two very cool and very talented human beings, we have kind of decided that actually, there is no harm in fusing our talents to create something a little bigger than what we expected.  We are currently thinking of names for the blog and will revert again in a week to decide what to do next.  The other two people's names start with the letters J+K! For some of you, this is an easy guess. Have a wonderful day. 

I'm stuck working at home (what a painful existence) while 4 men in overalls fix our toilet which has been broken for about 6 months.  4 plumbers have tried to fix it before and failed so now it is being replaced and they have just flooded the entire passage with murky waters.  I just gave them a stack of newspapers and said ''see you later''.  Nana and I are hosting our friend's Bachelorette Party this Saturday, after the Feiyue Launch at Mememe. Hope to see all of you there. 


Nkhensani said...

Why does the model in the 4th picture from the top look so familiar...?

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