Saturday, March 17, 2012

I haven't been to a wedding since my cousin's wedding 2004 where I was a reluctant bridesmaid and had to relax my hair.  All these years later, I'm going to my friend proper wedding in a very little town called Pennington in Kwa Zulu Natal.  My wonderful friend Sindiso is marrying her long time English fiance, Edward at Lynton Hall.  It's a very fancy affair and I've known what I'm going to wear since I received the invitation a few months ago.  Here's the invitation pack and what I am going to be wearing this afternoon.  

I bought the dress in Stanford in the Western Cape in a very dark and mothy vintage store.  The lady who owns it told me the dress is a 1965 dress that was only worn a few times by its owner who last wore it to some horse race in Ascot in the late 60's.  Even if it's not true, it a nice story to hear.  I adore the sheer boleroesque jacket that goes with the dress.  I borrowed a vintage ruby brooch from my friend Marion and I'm going to wear a beautiful Dorus Mhor bracelet with the outfit.  


Roxy Pearce said...

Lovely! And I love your nail colour choices :)

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