Tuesday, March 13, 2012

What a wonderful day today has been. I sorted out my taxes (this is big one for a creative), I had a fantastic catch up lunch with my friend, the talented Mr Chris Saunders of Team Uncool Fashion, we are cooking up a fantastic idea, more like an investment for the future.  Then I met Gina Waldman (from Two) and Michael Balkind's brand new Baby Leo. Oh my word, the perfection of a new human life.  Then I check my mail and Puma, (we love the Pumester) is apparently going to send me running shoes.  Operation go away cellulite begins the day I receive these Puma Faas 300 Running Shoes :-)


Vuyo said...

you lucky fish...i am so jealous...i love those...nowdays sportware is fashionable...especially for runners, your running shoes say a lot about you...nice

SingaB said...

awww for a second there the title made think u were giving these to me..lol

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