Wednesday, March 28, 2012

SA Fashion Week starts tomorrow and I thought this the most appropriate time to tell you all that just in case I wasn't busy enough, I decided to start a whole new blog with my friend, photographer Chris Saunders.  We are playing around with some names although there is one we really like and are launching it next month. We have started doing some work already.  Using his unique skills with the camera and my fashion eye, we are going to take portraits of fitting people in Johannesburg and wherever the stories take us.

We are going to SA Fshion Week but are not going to focus on the ramp stuff but the people attending, the culture around such events, the undocumented moments such as the smokers corner, people's expressions on the front row, designers with models back stage, people who work in the industry and what they look like when they are at work.  If we see something interesting, we shall get to work, if we don't, we will observe.  On Sunday we spent some time with two really beautiful couples in their homes and we captured their best moments that afternoon.  I do the text, he the images and the two so far are amazing.  I think you guys will like it a lot.  

He took this portrait of me when we first discussed the idea two weeks ago. 

We are also going to do some street style all over, the townships, the city, the suburbs and portraits of people we find interesting, people that are tastemakers in this town.  People whose presence will be felt and talked about 20 years from now.  We are going to capture people in their church uniforms, people waking up after a night out, people at exhibitions.  Just the beautiful people of this town and country.  


Cupcake Couture said...

Wonderful photo! Sounds like it will be a great project! Looking forward to it. x

Bianca Estelle (Stella) said...

Sounds Exciting ...Cant Wait to have a look + add in on to my blogroll xoxo

Khosie Dali said...

This is a beautiful picture Milli

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