Saturday, March 10, 2012

The above is a screen grab from the site, which is more of a shopping and marketplace site rather than a blog.  But whatev. We love.  Heritage 1960 was launched in New York in 2011 and is all about promoting and selling the wares of African Designers to an international market.  I met the Nigerian born founder, Enyinne Owunwane last year after one of the gazillion fashion weeks we have and she is truly fabulous girl.  I was like where has this girl been all my life? She has an amazing vision, not only for her own company but for African fashion internationally.  Currently on her site, you can find weekly features of new African designers, news about African designers as well as shop on line.  I was very happy to find South Africa's very own The Summit featured this week. I wonder who she will do next.  I can just see this site getting bigger and better. Check it out here


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