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Monday, September 19, 2011

Yesterday I woke up to a day so beautiful, I wanted to take a snapshot of the view from my window.  But instead of going out to bask in the sun, I chose to curl up and watch some DVD's that I didn't manage to watch the day before, thanks to an over eaters anonymous meeting my friend Marion called when she came to visit with junk food in her trunk.  It was like a slumber party without the slumber.  

Anyway, so the next day I watched Somewhere, which I picked because I love Sofia Coppola and subsequently everything she does (safe for Marie Antoinette).  If you're looking for a story with a beginning, middle and an end, don't watch this movie.  If you're looking for the same voyeurism and nothingness she offered in Lost in Translation, you'll enjoy this.  I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of going through the mundane with Stephen Dorf and Elle Fanning.  Model Angela Lindvall has an incognito cameo in the movie and the end credits reveal that Francis Ford Copolla was an executive producer.  


Anonymous said...

I saw this at the movies with the Boyrfiend. He fell asleep. It's so well done. I love the way it illustrates how mundane and normal his life actually is

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