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Monday, September 12, 2011

Not sure if I'm not being a bit overshary by posting this.  Whatevs.  When I was young (the ugly phase after the cute phase pics I posted a few weeks ago), I had really bad skin.  I'm sure people won't remember me as pizza face but from about 13 - 19 I was zitty mczit zit from pimpleville and I hated it.  I used all sorts of face products starting with it-made-it-worse Clearasil, moved onto Johnson's ''Clean-and-clearly-out-of-control'' lie in a bottle range then Innoxa, Garnier, Ponds (what the fuck was I thinking?) Geisha or something and others - zonke! Until my mom took me to a dermatologist after the umpteenth time my grandmother asked me why I am so ugly (old black people have NO qualms).  

The situation improved after the dermatologist and then things just naturally got better. For years I used Body Shop products, which worked for a while until my hormones were like ''oh no you don't'' again and I became the break out girl. Again.  Anyway, in the last couple of months I've been testing a few products which work for some and not others - I am now using Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit facial wash and daily scrub and a Givenchy moisturiser. The girl who was selling it to me at Red Square yesterday said the Neutrogena moisturizer might dry me out (not sure if she was telling the truth or trying to get more commission, I ain't complaining though). I've never considered designer moisturizers but I can't afford the one I really want from Guinot. I really hope it works.  Will let you know how it goes.  Assuming you care of course.


kbd said...

you're not alone - old white people are like that too!

Jerusha said...
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Jerusha said...

I'm also using Neutrogena's pink facewash (after using the Body Shop's Tee Tree stuff for ages) at the moment and it feels great.

Although, each month like clockwork, my skin does whatever the hell it wants. And there's nothing I can do to stop it!

Let us know how this combination works!

Fatima said...

This is not oversharing.
This is brilliant.

I used Environ for a few years and it worked, until my skin decided it had enough and went on a rampage all over my face.

So yeah, thanks ... I'm heading out to Red Square asap! :D

Milisuthando Bongela said...

So far so good, but I'll only really know it a couple of weeks. It also helps to drink water and eat fruit instead of sweets. Too bad I hate fruit. We'll see how it goes.

Dini said...

Have you tried clinique? it sorted out my skin problems and after all these years it still works like a bomb, i use most of their products but i do use an avon hydrating night cream ( only product i cheat with that works)..iv got naturally oily skin and most other products dry me out or suffocates my pores, but clinique keeps me balanced.

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