Wednesday, September 7, 2011

i couldn't help myself. stole a few hours from the work to eff around on the net and found gold mine upon gold mine. but patience is a virgin they say.  till we meet again my friends.  i've been m.i.a because i have been winning awards (mememe was awarded by marie claire magazine for doreen's work these past ten years, i just have that thing they call good timing) and suffering from exhaustion, high on tranquilisers, floating in the deadline sea and generally delirious from a year of non-stop non-stop.  when this week is over, i am going to have to take a beeg look at my life and snip snip on the things i love but are driving me towards early grave central. hope you enjoy what i found during my stolen hours.


Teefs said...

I hope that the first casualty of your newly pruned life won't be your sudden and uncharacteristic dereliction of punctuation.

Milisuthando Bongela said...

hahaha something has to suffer and that particular day, it was the old punc man. i just didn't give a fuck.

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