Strt Crd

Monday, September 26, 2011

Amongst the many activities I engaged in this weekend (mostly SA Fashion Week) this is the least that I actually remember fully! If it wasn't for these pictures, most would be a blur in a haze of Rebecca Black-esque FUN FUN FUN FUN! The second annual Strt-Crd was in the Maboneng Precinct and by the sheer number of people with hands in the air saying WHOOOOOOOO it was a really fun party.  NY based rapper Theophilus London was the headline act and he was frikkin awesome.  So awesome that my friend  planted a fat one on his cheek after bumping into him at Chalkboard!

And then my camera battery died and I went to have some seriously delicious pizza at Chalkboard.  It was a fun party although I didn't really like the ''street bash'' vibe.  I wish it would have been inside.  I felt a bit old for a street bash but that's just me! I missed the rest of Strt Crd because I was at Irene Market but apparently, everybody I have spoken to says it was boss! 


Anonymous said...

it was so cooool :)I like how these pictures look- like everything was crazy :/

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