The temptation to exist. In this world.

Monday, September 12, 2011

I said I'd start blogging again when I see the ass of last week.  And boy does the ass look good.  I was in Cape Town for two jam packed days presenting at Woolworths, then it was Punch and Judy on Saturday, which I bailed on because I was so tired and so Nana held the fort down by herself while I slept.  We sold the punch again on Sunday (new recipe in hand) and it was a hit amongst the many who bought it on Sunday at Market on Main.

I didn't get a chance to do much in the cape but I did go to an exhibition at Michael Stevenson on Thursday night.  Doreen (Southwood) who is one of my best friends and business partner is friends with Conrad Botes and insisted we go to an exhibition of his latest work, The Temptation to Exist.  Gosh, I have never been happier to be a plus one. My good god.  I'm not an art critic so I won't attempt to critique the work but even if I was, I would be silenced by awe.  I met the man, a humble and seemingly happy fellow, fingers stained with the paint that draped the walls of Michael Stevenson with the most hideous grace and grotesqueness. I have never.  The scale of the vertical ones is about 2.5m by 1.8m i.e they are huge.

This girl, turns out it's Nana's friend Pam, just started speaking to me and I stole this moment mid-mouth.

Ed Young. Being Ed Young

Bumped into some Joburgers pretending to be picture shy.
Okay gosh, let's take the god damn picture.  They have their art faces on.
Who are they kidding, they love getting their picture tooken. 

Also bumped into Nicola whom when I lived in Cape Town, was the only person I had met who could pull off a mullet.  She has since grown it out and and is growing other things too...her new label, West - available at The Neighbourhood Goods Market in Cape Town

It feels like there's nothing this man can't do. And he's a gentleman.  When we got home that night, Doreen cooked an amazing haddock pasta - a recipe she had to phone Conrad for earlier that day.  If only I had a few hundred thousand. 


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