Do it like you're doing it for TV!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The one thing I like about this burgeoning blogging career is that the opportunities it presents are so unpredictable and can be so unprecedented! Like yesterday.  48 hours ago I was planning my week merrily and late in the afternoon got a call from someone who works as a digital agent with MTN and they wanted to know if missmillib would like to be in an MTN advert? I wouldn't have to do much, just be there because they want to slot my face in there! I've never even considered such things but I thought, what the hell, hell yeah! So off I went yesterday to Roodeport, a little out of my way if I may, to see what it was all about.  

I didn't even get a chance to greet everyone or to do make up or anything - I got there and they just said, jump in and dance! And act I did. I was dancing  as if my life depended on it and although it was awkward and I felt lame in the beginning, on the 3rd take I was actually having a good time.  The other extras were SOOO intense, especially when they could tell that the camera was on them, their facial expressions were so jika ma jika!  The ad's going live sometime in the next couple of weeks and I hope they will keep the shot with me in it - it's just a hello summer Tshisa Nyama on the street vibe.  Oh and I got to meet Ray Ray the Ayoba guy :-)


Vuyo said...

Oh so so me watching the advert looking for you...hahahaha! such cool pics though, the lady in-front of the bakkie look beautiful....So you are AYOBANESS and connectified...was Ray LOUD as he is on TV...?

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