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Saturday, July 16, 2011

There's a new movement in town folks (well at least in Cape Town so far) - the Wear Only ZA or Woza Movement, an initiative by the Cape Town Fashion Council in which the point is to encourage South Africans to wear clothes made here. My kind of stuff. My Wear South African Fridays campaign sort of fizzled out the busier I got so I'm very happy that these guys have done this on a much larger scale.  There's an entire website dedicated to the movement where you can upload pics of yourself wearing local designer clothing, find out more about the movement AND download a 20% voucher to MEMEME stores.  Everybody wins.

Today I wore an Adam and Eve jacket, vintage top and a leather skirt by new local label Jane Sews.  #proudlysouthafrican

Somebody asked me what Mememe's mission statement is yesterday (I was like, really? Let me just whip out the business plan that I carry in my purse). Anyway, to answer the question, I think our Mission Statement is to propagate exactly what the WOZA movement is about - to make our South African designers household names when it comes to what South Africans wear.  So get yourself over to a Mememe in your town (one day we will say that and hopefully there will be a Mememe in every town) or any other South African designer emporium or boutique and support your creative compatriots. 


fumbatha said...

we need more cool men's designers in this country... can't be rocking David West and Stiaan Louw only... and i wouldn't be caught dead in Ephymol (my opinion)... but i love the WOZA movement!!!

kbd said...

great mission statement! So inspiring.

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