I heart Woolies!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Dreams do come true folks. I am living proof! When I was still living in CT in 2006, I used to take the train and everyday, would walk up Strand Street and pass a huge Woolies billboard that would always have those celebrities on the Woolies campaign.  It always left me with warm feeling in my heart and I ALWAYS wanted to be one of the people one day. This is not an announcement that I will be on those posters, I still wish. But I believe I am a step closer because I'm working with Woolworths for the next year on this and that and guest blogging for them a few times a month.  Who knew? So this is the first guest blog I did for them about SHOES! I love it and judging by the number of responses on their Facebook Page, Woolies fans also loved loved loved! In my next blog, I'm going to have the the difficult task (poor me, I have such a hard life) of going to find the perfect pair of FLARE Jeans from Woolies. Haha! I can't wait! I'm going on Friday and will let you know when it's up! For now, here's the first one.


Vuyo said...

OMG.....This is awesome...ok, this and the shoes!!! Well done babe :-)

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