I'm in Love!

Friday, July 1, 2011

I've got SUCH stars in my eyes.  I'm not a children person but last night I adopted two babies - one for my left and one for my right foot :-) Yesterday at the Vivienne Westwood Anglomania for Melissa Shoes launch at the Two shop, I fell in love with these shoes, which were on the feet on a woman called Caren who works for Melissa Shoes.  I had a fit right there and after many a oooh and aaah for these Melissa brown suede wedges, I asked how much? And does she have more? Let's just say I didn't give birth to them, but now they call me MAMA!!!! AAHHHH I cannot cope. I'm wearing them this very moment and am singing.  BOOOYA! They are not at the Two shop yet, but just you wait. Just you wait!


celiwe Ngobese said...

the picture does them no justice. they are insane

Mimi said...

OMG I bought my first pair of Viv's Melissa flats about a year ago and two more pairs (both heels) since then. They are SO beautiful and COMFY. I know comfort is SO not the biggest concern for most fashion conscious ladies but DAMN it makes a difference when your toes don't go numb halfway through dinner.

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