Topshop Rocks

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

It's just one of those overseas retailers that get better and better while remaining ever so cool. I was on their blog earlier and really loved these shots of the their Autumn Winter 2011 Collections, hitting stores and their website next week! I hate the fact that in every other aspect, thanks to the internet, we can get any piece of information we want, now, but we are forced to wait for stuff! I love these clothes and I love these trends!


P R I M  A N D  P O L I S H E D

N E W  M O D

 G L A M  U N D E R G R O U N D 

I love the nostalgic yet futuristic mix in these trends. All of the shapes and lines of New Mod are 50s and 60s with 80s pop giving birth to a new kinda androgynous cool. How are those platform takkies? Never thought those would make a come back. 

I'm not vehemently against the use of real fur, if the product was made before 1970 when we had not entirely fucked up the earth. I really don't get people who wear real fur this day in age when faux fur looks just as good.  I like the strength of the statement made by a woman wearing something hairy and hot.  The fusion with the textured stockings and fabrics, bold pops of colour and that long shaggy hair looks right. It just looks right. 

The Glam Rock isn't my fave but I know plenty of people who can pull it off. I love that pink hideous jacket and silver shoes on that girl. 

These days, I actually dress very much like the girls in the Prim and Polished look.  A little bit of suiting here and there is even fun for us fashion people, but of course we turn up the volume with colour and accessories. I also love a cinched waist, especially if it's done by a belt or a hugging skirt.  And finally...Give me knits with cute pets all day any day!


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