Dinner Time

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Tonight I'm hosting what started out as a blogger's dinner at 54 on Sixth, the home of Mememe and Two, but has now turned out to be a bloggers and writer's dinner.  It's obviously a team effort with Gina, Caren and Kp from Two having done some wonderful things to ensure that tonight is a success.  Oh and of course the food. We are going to keep it simple but delish food wise. Cara de Kock of KOS is preparing a large, hearty coconut chicken, red pepper, yellow pepper and red onion stew as well as a courgette, green pepper, butternut and new potato stew amongst other delicious goodies.  Don't even ask me about the dessert. I get chocolate brain freeze just thinking of that dessert we are going to eat.  We will be drinking all sorts of delicious wine thanks to the lovely people at KWV Wines.  Why are we doing this? Just because. Will post pics of the evening tomorrow, as I'm sure my guests will too.  Pics smittenkitchen

p.s. I've always wanted to share this.  A lot of people get confused between the spelling of dessert and desert.  The former is the kind that you eat. The latter is where you would be if you were anywhere in the Saraha, Namib and the general Middle East.  My Std 3 teacher taught me this distinction - you always want to have more dessert so that's when you add the extra s. 

Have yourselves a good day mense. 


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