This is how I feel

Thursday, March 3, 2011

This video still makes me cry. I posted it on my blog last year and this morning I woke up thinking of it. So if you haven't seen it, please enjoy. It's from Vanessa Bruno's Spring Summer 2010 campaign and the  pulchritudinous Lou Doillon is the model and muse.

I've had such a mental week in Cape Town. I've been doing some stuff for Mememe and am also here for some potential projects with a really great retailer so my days have been filled with meetings, clothing, coffee, wine, ciggies and the love of beautiful things with beautiful people.  I have neglected my baby and I just feel like a parent whose forgotten to pick up their child from school - for four days :-( I have an hour to steal and just wanted to share something completely unrelated to anything but how I feel about the future of fashion in this country. Oui it's a French production by a French designer but love has no linguistic limitations. Enjoy folks and I'm looking forward to my beautiful city, Joyhannesburg!


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