Guess who got shot?

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

This morning, in the most beautiful art deco apartment in Houghton, I shot the Mememe Jhb campaign pictures with the very talented photographer, Brett Rubin and stylist Nicole van Heerden, not to mention, one of the most beautiful girls I've ever seen in my life, Ethiopia as the model.  I found this Ethiopian beaut working at Market on Main selling Ethiopian coffee.  For weeks, I was just mesmerized by her look (me and everyone at the market) and asked her if she'd like to model. She said yes in her beautifully limited English accent and wowed everyone at the shoot today.  We had to hurry it up at the end as she had to go back to work.  By day she works in a butchery in Alexandra.  Have you ever? Let's hope she gets some more modeling jobs after this.

We shot some really special pieces from Doreen Southwood, Christopher Strong and Black Coffee for the campaign, which is some really quirky high fashion that hopefully capture the playfulness of the Mememe brand. These are just my own pics that I took behind the scenes, I'm getting the proper images later this week and they'll be on here asap! We are also working on sending out invitations to the store launch on 30 March. It's going to be a pleasant surprise. 


▲ Nicci St. Bruce ▲ said...

Wow well done on finding such a beauty.she is stunning, And what a sweet little story about how you came across her x

Miss Moss said...

amazing beautiful. immediately thought of M.I.A.

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