Friday, March 25, 2011

These pictures are hideous quality but I can't seem to find my camera so my phone has had to do the trick till now! Just thought I'd fill you in on what I've been busy with this week!

Caren from Two and some "muscle" putting up the Two sign in their adorable shop

These are some of the things they are going to sell 

The current state of my office

Our three new tenants

My "office" which is currently the depot for all new stock

The "passage"

Caren installing printer's trays with jewellery

How exciting!

We still have to figure how we are going to keep our navy floor clean

Mememe - the bare minimum. This weekend is going to be "fun"

After! David Krynauw installing one of his incredible wooden chandeliers 
Our garden, which is looking better than it used to when we moved in

Again, almost there but still looking better than when we first found it 
The aftermath of a visit from a landscaper

It's gonna be soooo fun removing this rubble before Wednesday

Where I currently work from - the kitchen 
Doreen holding up a skirt that's just arrived from Cape Town! There are only 5 of these horse fold skirts!


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