Shoot to kill!

Monday, March 14, 2011

There had to be a time where I had to mock myself to make a point! I haven't had sufficient time and inspirasie to blog about my life because I've been dealing with the realities of going into a real business in Johannesburg, South Africa.  This town is a shithole at times, but one you appreciate for various reasons as one would their much needed toilet.  

A few days ago, Mememe and Two's store got burgled and we were choked with shock, horror, cry, why and many a moment of fuckthosemotherfuckers.  We tried to wait our pain away when low and behold, the fuckers struck again and we were robbed for the second time in 5 days! This time, instead of crying, I decided to go see a Sangoma and now I think we are going to okay. 

Besides that, we've been shooting the campaign for the shop (the inspiration for my blog title to day! Brett Rubin kills), sending out invites, painting, building and doing midnight drivebys to look for criminals.  I've also become a regular visitor to builders warehouse and I find myself building some unlikely relationships with cops, security guards and armed response guys! It hasn't been an easy few weeks and it's about to get mental. Despite all of this is the best thing that's happened to me and I'm very excited about the many days of pain and joy associated with doing something for the first time.  I hope you like the pictures and will come and visit us soon when we open on 1 April! This is not a joke. 

These are a few pictures of the beautiful Ethiopia, who is not an experienced model but someone who has is experienced in being a nice beautiful girl who looks like she was born in front of a camera.  These images came very naturally with the help of a great team.  There are a few more we are going to keep for the store, which you can see closer to the time.  


Anthea said...

So sorry to hear about the breaking in. It must be very disconcerting when you're trying to launch this store. I hope all will be okay now.

The shots of Ethiopia. She is definitely a natural!

eyefly said...

the pics look great, f7ck the assholes who rob yall....hope everything goes well after a visit to the sangoma.

telri stoop said...

Where will the shop be?

Milisuthando Bongela said...

54 6th Street, Parkhurst, Johannesburg

Chantel said...

fuckthosemotherfuckers indeed! Will definitely pop around soon!

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