Mememe Joburg update

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

After the rain, there is sunshine! Although I havne't had the luxury of proper time to blog, things have been going pretty well in my little venture since those horrible breakins.  Doreen Southwood, who owns Mememe Cape Town and now owns this one with me came last week and it's as if God sent a thousand angels with her. 

So much has happened since she's been here. She brought along some clothes that will be the "cause of death" on my friend Nana's death certificate which is due for publication when the shop opens. She and I died when we saw some of the clothes from Mememe Cape Town - Clothes from Babbette, a girl called Babera who reworks vintage dresses into little miracles.  I can't cope with the fact that there is one of each of these dresses. She's sent 20 for Mememe Joburg. Gosh they're cute and they retails for a very worth it R570! I'll post some pics below. We are also awaiting stock from Non-European, Michelle Ludek, Christopher Strong and Sitting Pretty and Adam and Eve.  

There are also these amazing sunglasses and even more amazing pure leather shoes called Diomonde shoes made by this Congolese man in Cape Town.  He custom makes broges, boots and sandals! I'll post pics when I find my camera (I hope it wasn't stolen) but they are rrrrreally awesome. In terms of jewellery, I can't even remember how many people we have stocking us, but we are so lucky.  Jees, I sound like I'm bragging. Well, I kinda am. It's my blog and I'll brag if I want to. :-l

We've painted that poo brown house into a blue future gold mine and transformed the brown wooden floors into a beautiful navy! Today we are putting up the beautiful Mememe signage and hopefully getting some of our shop fittings delivered! It's amazing how difficult it is to find what seems like the simplest things - like someone to fit rails.  Anyway, we eventually found someone in Mayfair last night.  

These are not the dresses we have because she only has one offs so you've got to scramble. The ones we have are even cuter that this. I was playing dress up yesterday and I felt like a child, so happy and untouched by anything ugly in life. 


Anonymous said...

I have a perfect pair of ankle boots to go with all these dresses! if only...

urbanmosadi said...

I know the man you are talking about (leather shoes), he truly is good. This is so exciting and what JoHo needs. I don't know if I've commented already, but CONGRATULATIONS (:

Milisuthando Bongela said...

Thanks babe! Thank you very much!

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