Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Ladies and Gentlemen, this weekend I reluctantly finished reading Americanah, Chimamanda Adichie's 4th and probably most important novel yet.  I've been reading it since the beginning of May, savouring each word, each page and each chapter until it all came to an end on Sunday.  I've read all of her books and I find this one her most important work to date as it tells a story that black people and especially women all over the world, especially those who have grown up in a former colony and of course those who are expatriates in countries like America, England and Canada will definitely relate to. 

It transcends cartographical boundaries and tells the story of us brilliantly and boldly. And by us I mean women who have had to consider their politics when choosing their hair styles and I guess the rest who don't realise that their hair style probably says a lot about their relationship with their race and gender.  It's obviously not that simple and it's a multi dimensional premise but this is the first novel that articulates the relationship between the black race and our notions of beauty, true love, prejudice and of course an important story about Nigeria.  

That said, this is not exclusive of other nationalities, races and genders. I say it's important because this kind of story is rarely told but also because it is an exceptional examination of the way things are for people who identify as black and female in the developed world in relation to other races and it's sometimes shocking, sometimes really funny, sometimes peculiar but all of it true.  I think it offers more of an understanding of our story rather than alienate other races.  I learned a lot about how similar our stories are and I'm sure anyone who pics up this wonderful novel, will feel the deep satisfaction of having been taught something.  I have dedicated today's post to Nigeria and Nigerians. Have a good Tuesday. xxxx


Coralie Guillon said...

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Lisa said...

also just finished it! then went on o read all her other books, as well as some rated contemporary african novels. i'm struggling to find more contemporary african literature to read..suggestions?

urbanmosadi said...

You have no idea how that email you forwarded about her novel not selling broke me. I mean, I literally had a crap day after reading this sad reality. How do we make this type of literature accessible? I love eloquence and your writing embodies this. Thanks for that accurate mini review of Americanah. I just sing her praises wherever I go, and preach the "Chimamanda gospel" to any young woman who cares to listen.

Thanks again for sharing and being.

Lisa.G said...

Hi there, I also finished this brilliant novel a few weeks back, to the point where I wished it never ended. Definitely identify with the hair issues and love how 'now' this book is.

With love from a Chimamanda and African literature fan!

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