Meet the guy who gave up money #YoungPioneers

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

In 2009, a 20 something Adin van Reyneveld did one of the most admirable things, in my mind, and stopped ''earning his living''.  He didn't quit his job. He simply started living. He released himself from the clutches of capitalism by swearing off money and living alternatively alongside capitalism but using other ways to get around. This is a very admirable thing to do but I can't imagine it was easy.

So how does he live?  Through something he calls the ''talent exchange'', he holds down jobs in exchange for goods and services.  Imagine that.  It worked well enough for him to start a company called Ubuntu Digital, which aims to demonstrate the possibility of a hybrid community - one in which no money is used.  Instead, members are encouraged to barter their talents and services for the things that they need.  Their first experiment of this hybrid community is to host five rooftop parties and an outdoor music festival where entrance to the events will be paid for with talents. But one only has so many talents right?  

He took the idea further by establishing a direct exchange relationship with brands, even, ahem, offering advertising space on his right arm for companies to tattoo their logos onto in exchange for equipment like laptops and cameras. That might seem contradictory for someone who is trying to live beyond the offerings of capitalism, but a penniless man had to do what a penniless man had to do.  Read more about Aiden's project here or watch the 1 minute video. Would you do something like this? I've been toying with the idea of moving to a rural village to go and live a simpler life. I would find it torturous to give up money and still live in the city while my friends are blowing their salaries.  But this is why he's on this list and I'm not! He's a pioneer because he dared to question the way things are and the fact that he is alive and persevering gives credence to his bravery. 

These Young Pioneer posts are part of a Campaign that Capitec Bank is running for youth month, basically profiling cool South Africans breaking ground in the way they live their lives, them futuristic folk! Follow the campaign on Capitec's website, Twitter and Facebook pages and share your thoughts on these mad people. 


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