Friday, June 21, 2013

Molweni bahlali

I haven't thought about properly yet but I just got an idea call this CV section on this blog ''Siyasebenza'' which means ''We are working'' or ''We work'' in Xhosa and Zulu.  Apologies for not being consistent about the posts. The past two Fridays, I just didn't have the time to really focus on it.  I am working on turning this blog into a website (finally) and the day that happens will be the day people will be able to upload their CV's of info onto the blog in a consistent manner, which will take the responsibility away from me, meaning it will be more efficient.

I'm still figuring out how to do this whole thing so let's call this testing phase indefinitely. I'll keep trying different ways to disseminate this kind of information and see which is the most effective. Two weeks ago, I received a CV from a young man in East London who wants to go out to not only discover, but to help the world beyond the small Eastern Cape town. He has a BA Social Science in Organisational Psychology from Rhodes and currently works at a Maize and Grain Mill as Logistics Officer. I just fell asleep writing that job description. That is no place for a young person though, sorry Mill people.

So I sent him an email asking him what he actually wants to do and here's what he said:

''That's a difficult question to answer because most people do not understand what exactly I want to do. I hope you do though but its a long way till I get what I really want to do.

My main interest is research, I read up on a lot of issues that affect society particularly Social issues. Thats why I have been applying to at the SAIRR but it's impossible to get in there.  I've  looked at NGOs, particularly the ones that deal with assisting young people with getting advice on jobs etc...but thats not working out for me particularly well since Im struggling to find a job myself hahaha..

I would appreciate something where I could sit with a computer somewhere and read as much as I could about how to make peoples lives better but I dont want to be the one going outside to plant trees and play with little kids. I hope you understand what I mean.
Oh ya and Im still registered to do my honors (development studies) but I did not want to start untill I was sure I was at a company that matched my ambitions and understood what I would like to do. How I ended up doing logistics was a big mistake, I like it but its a job. I'd even take a significant pay cut if I got something worthwile to do.
I hope you understand, nobody seems to and it may be hard finding something exactly like what I want to do but as they always say "I'll start at the bottom"
Please help a brother out.  Oh ya and Id be willing to relocate anywhere but preferably to small towns just not in the Ec but Cpt would be ideal''.

I was really touched by this honest earnest response.  It gave me so much hope that a young black man has other ambitions than to be a CEO or a DJ (stereotypes are based on reality) and is truly passionate about research and helping others.  I have this young man's contact details if there is anybody out there who has an empty desk and a project for him to sink his teeth into. 

I'll also try and find him something through a friend who is running a brilliant programme called Emthonjeni Arts in the small Eastern Cape town of Hamburg.  Nomi, expect a call from me. If you would like to help, please send me a message in the comments section or drop me a mail on



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