I Twerked for this: The Giveaway To End All Giveaways thanks to the Apple iStore

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Hi Guys, I kinda need your help with something in the next three days. 

I've been mum about this until now because I was trying to think of a creative and truly reflective emotion that would express my deep deep love for the new iPad Mini without sounding like I'm just telling you how great it is because I was given one by Apple. Seriously, I just get emo talking about.  Since I got it a month ago, it has been like a child to me and as you know how our moms think we are perfect creations? Well, this one actually is and I'll tell you why below. So I finally plucked up the courage to do the only thing I thought appropriate in expressing not only my love for it, but more importantly: how it allowed me to live out my dream of making a twerk video since twerking is now officially the most groundbreaking dance of all time as demonstrated by exhibit A:

Back to the iPad Mini, when I come home since I got it a month ago, I watch Ted Talks and other Youtube videos, which by the way, I find by voice command on my Youtube App.  On one of these days I asked Youtube to find ''How to Twerk'' videos and I've basically been practicing and OBsessed ever since.  Not that I couldn't do it on a normal computer or an iPhone, but recording one on this nifty little device.  I'm no where near the Jamaican and African American level of the art of twerking but it's been really fun putting my iPad Mini on my dresser and becoming a dancing queen. But besides my personal triumphs, even if I may be delusional, this little nugget has made my life a little better for the following reasons:
1. It fits into one of my little baby hands and is as light as the iPhone 4
2.  The KEY BOARD does the SPLITS - as in, into two so that you can type easier, as if you're holdin your cellphone as demonstrated below:

3. It's basically got the functionality of a bigger iPhone but the best is that nobody calls you while you're in the middle of somethi...
4. I always eat out and I've been trying to stop.  The cooking apps are not only operationally amazing, but I've actually been a little more creative in the kitchen and it hasn't started feeling like a chore.
5. It's my reading mate. I've downloaded my favourite magazine apps and it's a portal for a lot of extras in terms of content, which makes my life as a writer very easy. 
6. I'm still getting used to it but the organizational apps are pretty awesome - apps that have the capacity of Word and Powerpoint on them so that I can work on the go. 
7. These days I actually like it when someone is late because I just wait in my car playing games, organising things, sending mails, watching videos or reading my ebooks 
8. It has kindle and Apple eBooks, some of which are free. 
9.Pinterest is basically the end of me and I thought my relationship with it ended a few months ago when I managed to over power it by stop ''using'' on my computer. I've started using again. Here it's it's faster, more compact and everything looks even prettier on it because of the retina screen on the iPad Mini
10. I can blog and skype on the go cos it's got super fast wireless connection
11.  I could go on forever. I just cool man. 

And because of these reasons, I have been inspired to dedicate my first twerk to the iPad Mini. 

I can't believe I put my friend through that. I hope you appreciate that it took courage to do this for you guys. I hope you like it.  Ok let me get to the point!

The iStore, in celebration of the new iPad Mini launch, is running a competition where they are giving away holiday to any destination in the world to the value of R250 000.  To enter, all you have to do is go to any iStore in SA, enjoy a few minutes of touching and playing with the iPad Mini, find the World of Possibilities App (on the in store iPad Mini) and enter your deets.  If you actually buy the iPad, you get an additional 20 entries, which means you increase your chances of winning by 20.

What's in it for me and why did I live out my twerking dreams through this innocent competition? Apple selected 10 bloggers nationwide to participate in this competition.  They gave us each an iPad and basically said, holler about it and holler about the competition and tell all your readers all the need to know, however you like. 

There's also some incentive for the bloggers to win and this is where I need your help.  If you ''like'' my competition entry (ie twerk and all) on Apple's Facebook Page (you'll see what the other bloggers did) and I get more likes than the others, I NEED ABOUT 800 BY FRIDAY, I will win a R20 000 voucher for a holiday including accommodation, currency and transport.  But why would I keep that to myself? If I get the most likes, I will split the winnings with 3 Lucky readers, or should I say, three lucky likers? 

All you gotta do is go onto the Apple Facebook Page and like my entry and tell everybody that you show my video to to like it too :-) BUT  If you have your eye on the big prize, all you have to do is enter the competition at the Apple iStore via the Wolf of Possibilities App and remember, if you buy an iPad Mini, you increase your chances of winning the R250 000 Holiday Grand Prize.

Click here to get to the iStore Facebook page and click like if you like my entry. And then do it again! 


Nomali said...

This Video made my week! I thought you were giving an iPad but this was way better! Gonna vote for you and get some FB folk to vote for you too.

Singa Atha said...

hahaha...thats some TWERKIN sista!!!

Sindisiwe Luvuno said...

Hhahahaha! "Is it over?"..... Courageous that! We love you aMILLI and shall vote!!!! All the best!

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