The grass is greenest

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

On Sunday my friends and I went to an amazing Jazz performance at Nirox by Herbie Tsoali and friends where works by sculptor Paul du Toit were on exhibition. It was my first day back in SA and my first opportunity to wear my Prada Sunglasses since I got them (thank you Sunglass Hut) before I went on my trip. I didn't have a single day to wear them in Europe because it was raining the whole time so actually, the only reason I woke up on that Sunny Sunday was to wear them.  This is my beautiful and dear friend Lauren Jill Petersen. The trousers are Jane Sews at Mememe, top Miss Selfridge and my Janet Jackson inspired earring is from Lalibela, Ethiopia. And no this is not going to be one of those blogs where I break down my outfit to you on the daily, it's a once off.


Elrese Voges said...

These Prada sunglasses have been like the holy grail of celebs hte past summer ;) they really look amazing on you!

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