A little lesson

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Trusting in the provisions of the universe is the most amazing gift we are perpetually offered as humans. Someone broke the motor that controls the remote at the block of flats where I live and my gate remote to enter and exit the building doesn't work. 10 min ago I was on my way back from visiting a friend and I knew I was gonna have trouble going into the building, especially because it's so late. The streets at this time are dead quiet and everybody is already tucked in at home but en route I was driving behind this car thinking, "I wish this car was going to y building". Drive drive drive and every corner it turns, is the corner I have to turn to get home. As he turned the last corner I thought, what are the chances? Low and behold, the car was going to my building and I entered the building as a tailgater in disbelief. But the point is exactly that. When I left my friends house, I said to her, I'm not going to worry about getting into the building although I should. Worry is prayer for something you don't want. The universe always hears us, it's us that have to listen and trust.


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