Monday, October 1, 2012

Hey you guys,

Now that I am finally in holiday mode, let's get on with it.

I landed in the UK on Friday after a very long trip via Dubai. Buyisa picked me up with a bunch of balloons and the longest most warmest hug I have received in forever. We took the train to Birmingham where she lives where I spent the weekend with her and and her husband. Yesterday we took a drive to the country side as the English call it.  The charm and beauty of the midlands really stole my heart. We had lunch in a picturesque little town called Shrewsbury where Tudor style houses are the order of the day. I felt so far away from home and anything I know. 

Then on our way back to the City, we stopped over at an Old Stately Home called Attingham.  It was built in the 1780's and is basically Downton Abbey in 3D. I couldn't believe I was there. My phone couldn't take all the excitement and literally died while I was taking pictures of the house, only to switch on again and for me to discover that the battery had indeed not died but it was too excited. The property is enourmous and has there are forrests, gardens, stables, other smaller properties, many grazing cows, pigs, a vegetable farm as well as a bevy of deer! The weather was typically English, grey and cold and actually, perfect. Here are some pictures.


Unknown said...

Its so lovely to hear people say how beautiful my home country is. I didn't appreciate it before I moved away, but since living in Cape Town, I miss the coutryside and the old world nature of England

Vuyo said...

Oh babe...this is awesome! I am jealous...Enjoy every moment...you deserve the holiday :-)

Unknown said...

Wonderful. Keep us posted. Last time I was there, the weather was as the Londoners say it.. dreadful. Hope you get some sun.

Ms K said...

Nice pictures, also great shot of the two of you in front of the bean? plant. The brick stone country house with all the bikes in front of it looks very romantic.

The Return Baba said...

WOW!! I wanna go to the UK!!!

Milisuthando Bongela said...

Thanks you guys!

Cashmeremafia said...

great post!!! pics are beautiful
kisses :)

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