Liam and that Kid

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

This photograph tops the list of my favourite street style moments of 2012. Worldwide.  It was taken by Liam Lynch at Str Crd, September 2012 in Johannesburg.  Please note the composition of this kid's outfit, the multitude of what I assume are kaleidoscopic prints against the muteness of the fashion castaway that is that Joburg tourism jacket. Don't get me started on the vintage school bag that has been adorned with a printed Ndebele inspired facade.  I respect this kid's consideration.  There are many youths who are having their fashion moment in Joburg and indeed Southern Africa.  Bowties, mohawks, washed out denims and an easel of colour combinations are their weapons of choice but a lot of it looks rehashed watered down versions of the original, the original that set out to be original and thus, it is sans originality - the existence of which is highly contentious. 

A perfect example of what I speak of is the faceless sneakerhead on the left.  He looks cool and hip but they are a dime a dozen these days.  The kid on the right is not only clearly interested in looking good, he has considered the placement of those various women's pins, that feminine gold bangle on his arm, the chains on his neck and that expensive cap he is wearing in a way that conveys fashion's role in conveying meaning and expression.  What I speak of is effortlessly expressed in his face, which does not yearn for an onlooker's attention or affirmation.  You give it.  I wish I could meet this young man. Thank you Liam. 


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