Tuesday, October 16, 2012

One night I went out to Great Dane and while getting a drink at the bar, forgot what I wanted when the barman finally came to me because I was staring at this creature!  Then one day I was surfing the waves of the net and found The Capital of Cool, a blog about this girl Rharha and her illegally rad looking friends, Zandile Nkomo, her brother and her boy friend, Cape Town based musician Petit Noir! Anybody who can wake up and get away with looking like this deserves a medal of honour against visual pollution.  She always looks great and if you think that's it, check out their site, her personal blog and look at her jewellery, under the label Drone Jewel$. By the way her name is Rharha and she is half Thai and half South African and sometimes stays in England and sometimes in Thailand and sometimes here. I mean really. 


Lucy Mulima said...

The cool much?! Love Rharha, I'm left speechless every time I come across her on blogs...

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