Weekend Soundtrack

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


South Africa's been on holiday and so have my posts. I am happy to say I am well rested thanks to this song (Cat Power, The Greatest) that was on repeat and repeat and repeat and repeat this past weekend. I listened to it while our apartment was being painted, afterwards when our neighbour came to give us his opinion on the paint colour accompanied by vodka tonics and late into the night as I sat on the couch staring at just how beautiful the colour is and how we now will have eternal luck because of it, yesterday while drinking beers with Nana and talking about boys and this morning after I wrote 2 columns and my first piece of erotica between 4 and 7. It's been the perfect sound track to everything. 

 Of course, because of my silly habit of obsessing over one particular thing, I will probably be over it by next week but for now, I hope you enjoy. I would recommend listening through headphones because the base is just the greatest. Happy Wednesday folks.


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