RE: Vamped and RE: Vived

Friday, August 19, 2011


This video gave me a some g-bumps when I watched it for the first time yesterday, not because it's awesome but because I WAS THERRRRREE even though I've got nothing to do with the ad really. Woolies called me and asked if I'd like to get the scoop on their new campaign for RE: JEANS starring Zoe Kravitz, Spoek Mathambo and Sannie Fox from Machineri and other cool and beautiful people. Er DUH. Da ya need ta ask? So off I went and I only met a few of them and had the honour of interviewing the beautiful and very down to earth Zoe. I will post the interview soon, it was so nice. 

 The pics are very raaa raa rock and roll and make me want to live inside them, wearing those clothes! They are really working on taking the blegh away from the RE: brand and I'm happy to be even a teeny weeny bit involved. Look out for the ad on the tele vision machine soon!


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Oh wow...what is she like in person?

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