Punch and Judy

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I'll be the first to admit that these pics are not great, I was under the influence of the product when I took them.  Sorry, the punch looks and tastes better than this. 

Okay, here we go:

I've had a bit of an internetlessness issue for the past couple of weeks. My modem, which I use when I'm home gave up on me and so I have not been able to sit for hours and blog after hours, which is why the blog has been looking a bit thin lately.  I have also been doing some really busy people things with my time, including starting a new business with my BFF and flatmate, Nana.  We started a small ''business'' basically based on getting people fucked up by the deliciousness of our product.  

We've lived together for almost 2 years and in those two years, we have had many house parties/game evenings where we serve a punch called Cape Vidal.  Two years ago, we went on holiday in Cape Vidal and came up with a mean recipe for punch.  Since then, we serve it all the time and people have always responded well to it. So we decided to try it out to people other than our friends...and we're happy to say it worked.  We had a stand at the Irene Market in Irene on Saturday and sold 50 cups - not bad for a first attempt I'd say.  So our business is called Punch and Judy (after the kids show we used to watch and love back in the back) and we are going to be regulars at the Irene Market every second Saturday, the next being 27 August.  Irene is some 30km outside Joburg off the N1 to Pretoria. 


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