Our New Neighbours

Thursday, August 4, 2011

The shop next to Mememe Joburg has been unoccupied since we opened in April and we've always said, the day something opens there, please don't let it be a carpet and tile shop or like a shop with ugly things.  Our prayers were answered because the new shop is rightfully called In Good Company, and has some really really beautiful things to fill your house and life with.  

They sell decor ornaments, party paraphernalia and knick knacks which you can either buy or hire or just go there to ogle.  The ladies that own and work there are very sweet and invited me to their launch on the 13th of August.  They are still waiting for their sign to be put up so when next you come to visit us at 54 6th Street, make sure you don't miss 52 6th Street, Parkhurst.

or visit their website if you're not in Johazardusburg www.ingoodcompany.co.za


Julie Gallagher said...

Thanks so much for the lovely post! We are so delighted to have such awesome neighbours too!

Vuyo said...

I love the 'i'm off to London to have tea with the queen napkin"...How cute :)

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