Big Loser

Monday, August 29, 2011

This is not the kind of stuff I usually share over herrr but dayam, something's gotta be said about Jonah Hill's dramatic weight loss.  Look at him before:

I think he is hilarious and have enjoyed most of the movies he's done - Knocked Up, Funny People and Get him to the Greek and I've always wondered how he felt about getting bigger with each new movie.  Some people even said his weight is what makes him funny.  Whatev.  Somebody who loves him clearly said that heart attack waiting to happen look needs to go and he looks like this:

Good for you guy! Good for you. I'm not sure when the MTV Video Music Awards which were last night, are going t play in SA.  He presents an award with Nicki Minaj looking very good for himself.  I myself am on a mission to lose a few centimetres before the Marie Claire awards - I'm running like a mad woman and am only going to drink health shakes today...until I have the Bryan Boy brunch tomorrow. Eish. 


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