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Monday, April 25, 2011

Hey everybody! I hope you all had a good weekend.  Although I enjoyed myself at various dress up worthy events this weekend, I'm not such a big fan of public holidays now that I'm in business.  It was tough being at the shop the whole weekend with the prospect of one or two or no customers coming.  Learned my lesson, next year I'm going on holiday just like everybody else.

If we were living in another country, say America or England where celebs rule, Dudu Zuma's wedding would probably be the subject of my post this morning.   But since we live in South Africa where people care more about that ZCC exodus to Moria than about one of Zuma's 21 kids getting married, I shall extend this legacy  by posting something about someone completely irrelevant to our news radar: kate bosworth.  I've only ever seen her in Blue Crush and on people's fashion blogs since.  Happy short week everyone. It's my birthday on Saturday :-)

She may have logs, I mean legs that resemble fire wood, but she sure knows how to dress. 
pics from the vogue diaries and little plastic horses


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