Ride this town!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Just yesterday, I said to my friend that if I could, I would cycle to work everyday because the distance isn't that bad, and judging by the damage I did to my body this past weekend, I could use the exercise.  The universe doesn't work in mysterious ways because I got an email in my inbox saying that on the 25th of April, Puma released a new range of urban bikes in South Africa! The range of men's, women's and unisex bikes consists of four really slick looking wheelers with names like The Disco, The Funk, The Nevis and The Pico bike! Love them. Now if only one of these beauts would ride on over to my doorstep! They are available at Cycle Lab stores around the country. I wonder how much?

We need so much more of a biking culture in this town of ours! Everywhere else in the world, especially in any country that wasn't colonised by the Brits, like Mozambique and Angola, biking is the most popular mode of transport!


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