Summer in the City

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I'll let the pics speak for themselves this time. Pulchritude 3 was as good as a third time could be! Fantastic designers, johannesburg spring, fabulous customers and friends and just an overall blessing.

1. Mathahle Stofile from Elle looking ssssssublime in Christopher Strong. 2 Smanga just being Smangalicious! 3. The legendary Stix in all his eccentricity, pity we didn't have any stylish daishikis although Mantsho could have worked for him if she did menswear. 4. Thandiswa and Ntsiki just errr.....being themselves. Although she already looked like the rock star she is, Thandiswa ended up getting some classic Christopher Strong, Take Care and Two garments.

1. Thandiswa reading Mao's little red book which she's showing off cos she just came back from China. 2. Palesa "Style Idol" Mjali donning a Christopher Strong top and Kimbo skirt looking adorably French. 3. Stix's extremely African ring and 4. Meeeee on Sunday after the sale on my way to a birthday party in that kayooot Kimbo Tutu dress.


Anthea said...

Looks awesome! Palesa looks stunning in that outfit!

Anonymous said...

Mathahle looking INSANE in that dress!!!Tx Anthea!

Vuyo said...

Oh man, i love your dress Milli...fabulous!

Chantel said...

I so wanted to go to this, but was sick as a dog this weekend! I will definitely catch the next one!

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