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Monday, September 13, 2010

I'm so not sorry for this conceited blog title. I've been overdozing on the Kardashians and speaking like Kourney and Khloe at every chance I get. Lol.

But seriously! I been busy taking my little business to the next level (there are many) which is why I've had very little time to post nice things relating to the bigger fashion picture and that's very naughty of me because everything is related! This weekend I'm setting up the Pulchritude pop up store at St Stithians, yes the school and yes it's for The Spring Festival which is basically a candifloss, chips-on-a-stick-and fireballs fest where 5 schools will be coming together to enjoy the weather and spend money. I'm going to be introducing Two, Silverspoon, Hello Fox, Love Jozi and hopefully Tee and Whiskey to a brand new market of not very poor people.

These are some of the top selling brands because their stuff is well made, accessible and designed but not somer DE-ZAAAN-ED or KREHAYTED! I've worked with some labels that I love and respect but if I had to share one thing with local designers about what customers like - it's that they like clothes that make them feel different, not necessarily clothes that make them look different or conspicuous. Women are terribly conscious about their bodies and they don't usually want to bring attention to themselves so they like wearable, flattering clothes that don't look like they have just stepped off a runway or a gallery and are made with loud intimidating fabrics. #justsaying I hope this info helps someone.

Now onto fashionistas who really get this - the nominees for the Marie Claire Prix d'Excellence de la Mode awards for this year: I only know of Two, Silverspoon and Black Coffee actually - not sure who the rest are and can't wait to find out. I wish everyone luck and can't wait to toast to the winners. I also particularly like that the awards are growing with the times are are also recognising small and big retailers and business savvy designers (which is what it's all about at the end of the day). The awards are tomorrow night at Circa Gallery in Rosebank!

Then on Thursday I'm going to the launch of the increasingly popular Forever New stores in South Africa. I haven't been there yet but two of my friends Mathahle Stofile and Palesa Mjali have the most gorgeous jackets from there - I can't wait to see the opening of the 85th store in SA. For a brand that's been around since 2006 - 84 stores world wide is no joke. I'm going to see how they did it.

Then next week I'm going to Cape Town to meet with some really interesting new designer gems that I'm hoping to bring to Joburg and beyond. When I get back from CT, It's SAFW's winter collections at Arts on Main. There have been a lot of positive vibes about how these shows are going back to the soul and heart of South African fashion. I can't wait. I hear Mbongeni Buthelezi and Kim Lieberman are some of the artists that will very much be part of the make up of this imminent marriage between Fashion and Art.

I hope it's okay that this post has no pictures - I have a lot more to say but fear that some people will be intimidated by too much text - not to blame them, that happens to me too when I visit overly wordy blogs.


Vuyo said...

Yumm Yumm...this sounds so incredible busy and fun...Someone once said, do what you love and you will never work a day in your life...Nice my sweetheart!

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