Friday, September 3, 2010

I just had THE blindest moment and I'm still reeling from the cringefest so I figure the only way to shake off the embarassment is to share it. I took a Take Care dress off the rail this morning cos I felt like wearing something new(as one does) and I've dressed it up really nicely with these beautiful pearly FLO earrings and my floral head scarf. I've even got make up AND lipstick on. After getting dressed I walk across to Wolves to get some lemonade feeling all cute. I walk in and most eyes immediately shower me with attention (and inside I'm going yeah bitches i know look good). Alas, they were on me for the wrong reasons - the tag was still firmly attached to the dress and some lady came up to me to say "sweetie you've still got the tag". FML

But we move on.

My poor blog has been a neglected child this week. I'm sorry baby! Mama Mili doesn't even have pics or anything to dress you up in. I've been too busy packing and unpacking some really beautiful clothes from the lovely designers featured at this month's Pulchritude sale. Last night, my apartment was abuzz (with queues) at the Pulchritude Pre-Sale where strangers become friends and rails were left hungry for clothes. To my friends and constant supporters, this isn't a diss for not getting an invitation, it's usually people who can't make the Saturday Sale. My camera is trapped under the rubble of dress upon dress all over the house so I can't actually take a picture of the adorable outfit that I'm wearing - sans tag. Lol a


Chantel said...

LOLZ! Shame, happens to the best of us!

Thithi said...

Wow Milli... You cut me deep. So deep in fact that the cut can not be mended... no pre-sale for me. Such a sad teary face on me. booo hooo on you

Vuyo said...

Oh man, the scarve, I doubt they are even worth to be called that, they are beautiful. Imagine mom and sisZanele trying on different ways of wearning was hillarious.
Lovely babe

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