Goody Bags

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Last night's judges goodie bag was notably sweet! In that one bag was filled with every type of Lindt Chocolate you can imagine (go away say my thighs) and really cute notebooks. My favourite is the Fashionary - a really useful tool for any fashion journo or designer! It's shaped exactly like a Moleskine but inside is the 411 on all thing fashion from local and international designers (Stiaan Louw and Stoned Cherrie made it onto the list), fashion weeks, types of outerwear, fabric names and descriptions, body measurements. It really is incredible and I can't wait to make full use of it.

I also really like the little nuggets Mr Price added to the goodie bag, most notably this little shopper which is just going to hang on my wall cos I don't wanna make it dirty. I love their new little slogan "The Best is Yet to Come"! Thanks mademoiselles!


Skinny Bitches in the Making said...

haha! love that "No doubt I'll be blogging about this later" perfect touch!

Linda Smith said...

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