Land of Milk and Money

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I arrived in Cape Town yesterday on a business/holiday and I must say, as much as the weather was as dull as grey, I'd forgotten how beautiful a city this is. There's so much green. I'm staying with my friend Doreen and her 6 animals. I'm not an animal lover at all but when I get a chance I'll take a picture of literally the coolest cat in the world! The highlights of my first day here (after almost three years) were:

Mememe. I used to love this shop when I was a fashion assistant years ago but I re-fell in love with it today because I appreciate the good shop fitting and, good dresses and locally produced clothes so much more. The shop window is deadly. It had a mint green, light blue, navy and salmon colour scheme with a long white bamboo cotton high waisted skirt styled with a navy and white stripe top as the centre-piece. Then I found myself in nautical stripe boulevard at Doreen's studio! Beautiful dresses and vests are about to invade the Cape! Hopefully I'll bring some stuff back for Pulchritude. I saw some lovely Adam and Eve clothes too!

All these pictures are of the beautiful Mememe Store on 117A Long Street!

We then ordered lunch at this adorable little cafe called Bird's Cafe on the Corner of Loop and Church Streets. I had the best pie I've ever had in my life...though it's looked more like a boob than a pie. I also had a delicious deliciou spinach and feta quiche. With quiche, it's usually about the egg and the crust but this one was really about the spinach and cheese. We downed the food with this amazing green health shake which is wheatgrass green but tastes like a liquid dream! The decor of the cafe is also amazing. There's a cheeky and adorable bird motif all around the chairs, curtains and beautiful swan lamps!

Will post images as soon as!


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*sigh*...sounds wonderful! Enjoy!

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