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Thursday, May 27, 2010

It's only an indication of how hectic things have been after Giyani and still, it's not getting better. I have severe  memory issues and am allergic to diaries so I can't even remember what I need to do tomorrow because I'm so focussed on today.

I've been reviewing some restaurants in Soweto and Alex for a client that found me on Twitter. I thought it would be an easy experience but it's proven to be rather difficult but fun none -the-less.  I'm writing from this other restaurant now in Molapo (I didn't even know Soweto had such a suburb) and as nice as the guys are there, I had to give them a little advice in the beginning.  So I walk in and there's no other customers, which is kinda understandable for a Thursday afternoon, but anyway, I walk in and there's loud Kenny Latimore on the radio and I'm like :-l. I ask the guy for the menu and he says there's no menu, he can tell me the menu.  I'd already experienced this at Masakeng in Soweto, where the guy said, "I'm the menu".

I immediately told him to get his act together because that's just not on. He listened intently while I was telling him the importance of being organised like that.  He also said I should have called before arriving (like 80% of the restaurants in Soweto request) and I'm like guy, wtf, you're running a restaurant.

After he agreed with what I had to say, I took a deep breath, sat down and thought about why this has been so hard, and it's pretty clear.  Most of these restaurants really just rely on tourists to come and eat and it totally makes sense that they would rather have warning before customers come, so that they can buy and prepare the food. They don't work like other restaurants in the suburbs which just have everything on the menu.  During most days, these places lie barren and empty because few people living in Soweto will pay for food that:

a) tastes exactly like their own home food (though it's delicious)
b) costs over R50, which is still cheap for wealthier people
c) that's not marketed at all

Very few of the places I've attended have phone numbers or any presence on the internet, which is sad because most of them have rrrrrreally good food.

Anyway, I just wanted to share this. I want to support and be here more often but honestly, it will be when I miss my mother's cooking.  Like now, this guy made crocodile, steak, ostrich fillet and some sort of duck - all on one plate for me to eat and I can't do it. It's too much animal. Now that I got that off my chest.

Let's talk fashion.


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