Wednesday, May 5, 2010

One Day, Shushu Day, it will be like this

Images from The Finders Keepers Market in Australia

I just gave a "lecture" at LISOF about my blog, I hope the girls enjoyed it. I certainly did. I told them a bit about what I've been dying to talk about for weeks - the baby I'm going to hatch (in this world, babies are hatched) on 5 June.
I've been looking for a good venue to host weekly designer sales where I will pick my favourite clothes from my favourite South African designers and sell them for one day a week to the sartorialocals of my favourite city.

A few weeks ago, I contacted and met with the people from the Parktown North Food Market, to see if I could sell from their market. It just so happened that my timing was good because they are looking for ways to expand and grow their 18 month old brand, and what better way than to grow it through design. So my fashion initiative, Pulchritude, is the first branch of their growing tree and definitely something that's going to be long term for me, the designers, the market and of course Joburgers. This means, we're finally going to have something similar to Cape Town's Biscuit Mill. Except, I know this is corn at its crunchiest, but it's more like Joburg's Milli-Meal. Hehe.

So I sent the proposal out to a few of my fav designers and I've already got 6 replies of interest and four yesses from Black Coffee, Two, Mememe and Silverspoon - I'm still talking to Loin Cloth and Ashes and am awaiting a response from some of the others. This means good things friends, really good things for Joburg lovers of clothes like myself. You're also more than welcome to suggest other designers who you think need to sell their stuff here too.

This afteronoon I went to the Black Coffee store at Arts on Main and saw the clothes that I'll have at the Pulchritude sales and I'm not even surprise. Jacques gave me their best seller from the Everyonecanbeadesigner Range and said "without this dress, we would probably be closed", and it's really something special. So it's all about affordability, comfort and well, Pulchritude.

I'm going to see the other designers over the next couple of days and when the time comes, I'll do weekly features on my favourite for that week so that you can feast your eyes even if you're not in Joburg.

I can't wait for this. There's another really cool catch to this, but all will be revealed when it's revealed. This is not some "Oh I must do something because the
World Cup is finally here", it's long term and for all of God's little designer kinders.

Images are from www.thefinderskeepers.com


Anonymous said...

Mili this is super exciting! I'm jealous yet excited at the same time!!Big Up my friend!

WeruWolf said...

I thought you were pretty awesome!
I wish you only the best a-Milli/Milli-Meal.

Whatever you prefer to call yourself :)

Vuyo said...

yay Millie-Meal...its finally happening babe. I will come to JHB for the launch...for sure!

LeE said...

And that was a great lecture indeed, hope you will come again soon. will definately be coming to your launch on the 5th and attend weekly. God has great plans for you miss mili.. wish you the best of luck in all that you do.

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