My Fashion Week

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Lol, that title literally just escaped from my fingers. Sorry to all the other legitimate fashion weeks.

So preparations for Pulchritude are in full swing and I'm very very happy with all the clothes I've received so far.  This morning I had coffee with Gina from two as she delivered their beautiful things. There are these amazing kimono style coats in some soft Japanese fabrics - one size fits all and there's only 5 that I got. They also have tonnes of lovely stretch fabric pieces. Everything is still in bags which I'm unravelling tonight after the soccer. (going to soccer cittyyyyyy yipee)

Last night I was at Anisa's studio, which is also where she lives in Waterkloof Heights in Pretoria.  That girl is seriously talented. Plus she's really really nice for someone so accomplished at such a young age.  While I was there picking up my two huge bags of clothes, two of her (crazy funny) friends arrived and were there to do fittings for their identical outfits they will wear to Anisa's party on the 5th.  She's made them these Balmain inspired sharp shoulder jackets with her own sleek pocket twist. They are really nice.

After the fitting, I showed all three girls the brooches I'd received from Lucky You yesterday.  They were in my boot and we were obviously outside using the boot light for light. It seriously looked like we were dealing drugs because we all had our head in there shuffling the brooches. They literally couldn't believe how cute they were (they really are) and I've got orders to reserve a few for them.

Then I got home and showed my housemate the clothes and she wanted to die over this one dress.  I'll be more than happy to report many more deaths on the day of the sale.

Next week, I'm getting black coffee and love jozi and maria mccloy and receiving stuff from mememe and silverspoon.

the pic is from and it's of the brooches that are gonna be on sale.


catherine said...

Hey! This sounds amazing

Please tell me more about Pulchritude...
Would love to feature this on with pics,more info etc. Please email me!!

Thx x

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