Friday, October 11, 2013

Hey guys

I feel a little guilty for being quiet again and the price of my guilt is going to be enjoyed by one of you. I've got an extra RIRI ticket that I'm in the mood for giving away.  It's simple:

Do you have a ticket but have a friend or relative that is but DYING to go and has no tickets? If yes, tell us why she or he is the most deserving of the ticket. Now I don't want novels and tales, keep it short sweet and witty and by 5pm today, hopefully we will have a winner. 

Write your answers in the comments section and you can collect your ticket from me on Sunday morning.  Make sure you leave your email address and phone number so that I can get hold of you.  I look forward to reading your response and throwing it up AYLAND STHYLE!!!!

ps The ticket is standing and also allows you access to the 5fm pre party at Randlords in Braamfontein on Sunday between 12.00 and 17.00 - Good luck!!!


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iwearbootsinsummer said...

My friend Zola Bushula really, really neeeeeeeeds this ticket. She loves Rih more than she does me, well not really. But she'sa fan & a half. We spent a whole nite 'analysing' Rih's pour-it-up video. Amongst many other crazy teeeeengs for Ree-Ree. So funny stories, or sop' basic stuff. My girl Zola Bushula is the one for the tick.

Thank you x


083 5648 528

Selaelo Mannya said...

Because she doesn't want to stop the music, even when it rains she let's me under her umbrella, she's so hard... when she cries we lay on her California King bed and when i leave her house, she makes want to stay. and if i win, i'll get to see her and we'll cheers to the freaken weekend. Mightypod@gmail.com 083 341 3148.

sazi enicker said...

Hi M,
Please let my friend Mandy Rae Capela come with me. I need someone to twerk with...

P.S It is also her birthday that day (13th October 2013)


084 299 5425

Nomanqoba Mthembu said...
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Nomanqoba Mthembu said...

Hope I'm not too late. I just want to get fresh with my person at the concert and live it up. We love her. We love live music and I'm the only one with a ticket .

Nomanqoba Mthembu said...

My addy : nmcolor@gmail.com

Milisuthando Bongela said...

Hey you guys, thanks for the entries. The second answer made me laugh out loud and I did a bit of a survey with the people I was with when reading this and they agreed that they RiLyc play going on in the second answer deserved to win. Cape Town, you're going to have a blast! It was a great concert!!!!

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