Riri Concert

Monday, October 14, 2013

Happy new week bahlali.

6 months ago my sisters and I bought Rihanna tickets the day they came out and last night we felt we really got our money's worth.  They were general standing tickets  (there's a lot of us that my mother popped out) and my youngest sister Qhayiya, who is 16,  had never been to a concert before last night.  She is obsessed with Rihanna and watching her face when she entered the stadium, hearing a screams when Rihanna came out and watching her make much older friends because of her intense dance moves last night really made it an evening to remember.  

And of course, Riri was the baddest bish out last night.  She looked great, sounded incredible and girl was doin her ting on that there stage much to my satisfaction.  Cape Town, if you have a standing ticket, make the most of it cos it. 

I decided to enjoy being there instead of recording every moment and I am happy with my decision, so these were taken by my sister Vuyo on her cellphone. 

From left, Vuyo, me, Qhayiya and my sister in law Minikazi.  


Nomali said...

Oh wow! Sounds like you had fun.

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