North West

Monday, October 28, 2013

Hahaha I know what you were expecting from that ambiguous title......

This past weekend I went to the North West to a very remote village 20 km past Groot Marico about 3 hours from Johannesburg.  My friends were getting married and it was a perfect reason to let the phone batteries die and live in a Buddhist retreat for 3 days with amazing food, no cellphone reception, a perfect marriage of wet and dry weather and time well spent with old friends and new ones.  We live in a country with such diverse in its beauty.  We were all pleasantly surprised when our guide led us to the Eye of the Marico River and it was the most beautiful swim, on literal lily pads and water so clear that it looked fake.  We're so lucky we live in South Africa.  I travel locally whenever the opportunity arises and I'm always amazed at how much more beautiful this land is.  

Not to sound like the ad or anything, but take a shot'left if you have a little gas in your car or a few hundred in the pig.  The pictures were taken by me, King B (the very cool guy from Warm and Glad, you know which one) and Sian Elliot. 


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