Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Okmalumkoolkat's been around for a few years and I must confess I've kind of known about him for a while but never really took the time to really listen to the music because I'm actually not that cool, it never really crossed my path and for that I feel sorry for myself.  I first really took notice last year when he and LV released the song Sebenza which put a slice of Joburg's music scene on the map because it received a lot of attention from international media. The video, shot by Chris Saunders, was all over the internet simply because the song and the video are really really good. Smiso Zwane, Mr Koolkat himself, has a very unique beat meets Zulu, street and English lingo rap thing going on, plus the look - I'm 100% sold.  Naturally, this kind of music gets lot more support from outside South Africa than our local radio and media, which is pretty sad because a lot of the things he references in his music are very South African.  Anyway, been listening to his music via Soundcloud, the Dirty Paraffin (his posse) blog and on Youtube.  I'm going to download the Dirty Paraffin EP off iTunes for a mere R50 for 6 really good songs. Check out this new killah BhutYangChaza and tell me you don't want to start it again.  Dirty Paraffin's also just done a seriously mentally ill remix of Motel Mari's According to Who!!!!!!!!! I wonder what's next for them. 


Sindie Noqayi said...

Love them, absolutely!
I agree in wishing SAns gave as much attention to what is ours as compared to that which is international.


malume kool kat is a problem inkinga big up to mzansi no 1

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