Monday, April 22, 2013

Somebody sent me this picture over the weekend and as much as I'm happy to be featured in the current issue of Elle Magazine, the only thing I can focus on is the giant error written after my name, that I am the owner of Mememe. Please everybody, this is not true. Doreeen Southwood started Mememe in 2001 when I was in Standard 9.  She owns Mememe. I co-own the Johannesburg store with her. It is a credit I could only wish for. Although I didn't tell Elle Magazine that I own the store, I felt super guilty for being credited incorrectly :-(


Juan Fernández said...

Felicidades y lamento el error. Adoro poder leerte. Quiero invitarte a echarle un ojo a mi ultimo shooting, Skinny y cuentame que es lo que más te ha gustado. Besosotes.

Nomali said...

Raised my eyebrow too then thought maybe I had it wrong. Naughty, naught, ELLE. I still loved your feature though.

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